Strengthening Institutions of Justice to Eradicate Violence in Society

Thachuk, Kimberly
Jun 1998
This paper discusses the reform of institutions of justice as a way to eradicate violence in society. The use of violence has long been the method by which numerous societies have resolved disputes. However, the resort to violence only tends to engender more violence. Democratic values and the observance of human rights are impossible to promote and sustain in an atmosphere of disorder and retributive acts. It is generally agreed that instability and violence result from the state's loss of monopoly of legitimate physical force, the incapacity for social reform through legal channels, corruption of epidemic proportions in public office and many state agencies, and the prevalence of 'para-state' activities and organizations. Hence, rather than operating as it should, that is, exerting its monopoly of coercive power to maintain order, the state may multiply the factors of violence against its own volition.