South Korea’s Experience with Smart Infrastructure Services: Bus Management System

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Lee, Seung Hwan
Sep 2020
The IDB's 2020 flagship book, “From Structures to Services,” seeks to motivate us to think about today's basic infrastructure services and how technological disruption will change the way these services will be delivered in the future. Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has pending challenges in relation to infrastructure services. The region needs to invest more and better. The technological revolution is one of the tools to provide a future with quality and affordable services. In this context, we decided to analyze the experience of Korea in the use of technology for the provision of services in order to be able to rescue valuable lessons for LAC.
This document is 1 of 4 cases elaborated to analyze the Korean experience related to i) the policy frameworks used to manage infrastructure projects, particularly in transportation, water and sanitation, and electricity and ii) the use of technology to provide efficiency infrastructure services.