Social Inclusion Trust Fund Annual Report 2004-2005

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Jan 2005
This report is comprised of both an Annual Report reviewing activities and projects supported between April 2004 and April 2005 and a cumulative review of the advances made and challenges being faced by the Fund in carrying out its objectives. A new policy initiative, the Special Line of Activity for Support to Country Papers and Poverty Assessments, was developed in order to seek to better integrate social inclusion into Bank programming documents and operations as well as into dialogues with the governments in the region. Additionally, the Fund has supported key research, dissemination and outreach initiatives with a view to promote increased sensitization on issues -such as exclusion, discrimination, affirmative action, rights-based development and indigenous development-, enhance the participation of excluded groups, and create increased emphasis and advocacy on social inclusion issues by NGOs, government agencies as well as IDB Offices in the region.