A Snapshot of OVE's 2022 Annual Report

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Mar 2023
This snapshot presents a synthesis of the evaluation work completed by OVE in 2022. The focus is on lessons learned from the findings and recommendations of OVE's evaluations. In 2022 OVE delivered five Independent Country Program Reviews (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Guyana, Jamaica); the OVE Country Product Protocol: Proposal for Update; three corporate evaluations (Evaluation of Guarantee Instruments at IDB Group; Evaluation of the Inter-American Development Bank's Governance; Evaluation of the Use of the IDB Grant Facility for Haiti's Reconstruction and Development: 2011-2020); and two annual validation reports (Management's Implementation of OVE Recommendations: IDB Group's Evaluation Recommendations Tracking System 2021; OVE's Review of Project Completion Reports and Expanded Supervision Reports: The 2022 Validation Cycle).