Skills for Life: Creativity

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Cuesta, Carolina;
Hokanson, Brad
Feb 2022
Creativity is a critical human 21st-century skill that allows us to produce novel and valuable ideas. Creative ideas are original and make a unique contribution to any field, but also, they help to solve complex problems that humanity is continuously facing. Creativity is essential at the individual level to solve problems on the job and in daily life. At the societal level, creativity can lead to new scientific findings, new movements in art, and new inventions. Corporations and governments are frequently looking to support and encourage developing creativity as a driver for innovation to promote technological development and economic growth. Educational institutions play a crucial role in this development and in fostering creative thinking. This brief will discuss how creativity has been conceptualized and will share some strategies to foster creativity in a learning environment and the workplace. Also, it will discuss how technology impacts creativity development.