On with the Show!: A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary and Restoration of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aug 2008
The process of upgrading the Teatro Colón infrastructure began eight years ago with the design and unveiling of a Master Plan. Included will be the completion of several of its urban components left partially unfinished, and the restoration of the many architectural features and artistic treasures, both inside and out, while maintaining the integrity and character of the structure; this process is expected to be fully completed by 2012. The Inter-American Development Bank has been an important partner in this effort of preparing the theater to actively continue with its role as beacon of Argentine culture for at least another one hundred years, not to mention the economic and social implications a vibrant restored opera house will have for the City of Buenos Aires ¿nationally and internationally, and for the country at large. To that effect, the IDB has provided significant financing, helping the city authorities attempt and succeed in such an extraordinary undertaking, and many of the results can be seen in this exhibition.