Short Sea Shipping Network and Finance Model for the Caribbean

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CPCS Transcom Limited;
Trevor Hamilton and Associates
Jul 2018
Deambrosi, Sergio;vLucenti, Krista;vFeijóo, Erick; Corbacho, Iván
An analysis was carried out to provide policy and investment recommendations for improving the quality and frequency of short sea shipping (SSS) networks in the Caribbean. The methodology used a combination of stakeholder consultations; data-gathering on port infrastructure, trade, and shipping route patterns in the region; investigation of case studies of SSS experiences; identification of intervention scenarios; and formulation of a financial model to select the scenarios with the greatest potential for implementation, based in inter-island connectivity and time performance. Finally, the study presents governance and organizational considerations, as well as an action plan and schedule for the implementation of the selected networks. It is recommended that a “Direction Reversal Scenario” and a “Port Handling Tariff Reductions for Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) Containers” Scenario should be developed, preferably to a Ferry Service model.