Service Sector: An Opportunity for Productive Diversification

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Jun 2024
The Andean Region faces the dual challenge of global decarbonization and low productivity among micro and small enterprises, significantly impacting the economy. This reality underscores the urgent need to overcome quality barriers to integrate into modern value chains. In this context, the service sector, as the main employer in the region, emerges as a key piece in economic reconfiguration.
Economic diversification and increased aggregate productivity are presented as unavoidable imperatives. The opportunities to increase exports of knowledge-based services become more relevant, positioning the Andean Region as a significant player in the international market.
In this process, the tourism sector emerges as an essential component for sustainable development, leveraging the regions rich biodiversity and unique geography. This potential promises both increased visitor attraction and vital income. Additionally, the rise of services based on digital platforms presents new opportunities, although the challenge of social assurance remains a crucial challenge in the transition towards a more digitalized and connected economy.
In summary, global decarbonization and low productivity among micro and small enterprises are outlined as central challenges for the economy of the Andean Region. Overcoming these barriers becomes essential for achieving sustainable and resilient economic development, where the service sector plays a fundamental role in the transformation and modernization of the region.
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