Secondary Government Bond Market

Le Grazie, Reinaldo;
Fernandez, Jose Maria
Oct 2006
In light of the challenges to structure and develop bond markets amid changing environments, the Inter-American Development Bank set a project that aims to diagnose the current conditions for secondary government bonds market trading among LAC Debt Group members which can further substantiate initiatives to foment these markets according to regional characteristics. Ultimately, the main goal of this project is to strengthen the institutions of public debt management and provide them with insightful resources to develop bond markets.In this report we will find the general guidelines for public debt
management, some important aspects of market structure, interrelated
factors that affect market liquidity in general, institutional framework that
can support efficient markets and the necessity for transparency and
communication. Also the countries structure adherence for these guidelines.
Later in the note, some international successful experiences are presented
as well as conclusions and some few practical ideas fro improving the
development of secondary bond markets.