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Aug 2018
Author(s): Guanais, Frederico C.; Regalia, Ferdinando; Perez-Cuevas, Ricardo; Harris, Donna Oretha; Pinto, Diana M.; Pinzón, Leonardo; Sánchez, María Deni; Tejerina, Luis; Anaya, Milagros; Doubova, Svetlana V.; Marín, Tania; Moreno, Ralfh; Mullachery, Pricila; Rocha, Marcia; Sánchez, María Deni; Schantz, Karolina
En la región de América Latina y Caribe (ALC), la mayoría de los países buscan reformar sus sistemas de salud para lograr la cobertura universal y mejorar la eficiencia de sus gastos sanitarios, al…
Jan 2018
Author(s): Tejerina, Luis; Perez-Cuevas, Ricardo; Adderley, Brendalee; Delevaux, Camillie; Braithwaite, Nanika; Kuster, Rene; Osorio, Itzel; García, Gabriela
The Bahamas faces critical challenges due to an increase in chronic diseases (CDs). Overweight and obesity are on the rise among all age groups. In addition, the prevalence of raised blood glucose is…
Mar 2017
Author(s): Ibarrarán, Pablo; Medellín, Nadin; Regalia, Ferdinando; Stampini, Marco; Parodi, Sandro; Tejerina, Luis; Cueva, Pedro; Vásquez, Madiery
Twenty years have passed since conditional cash transfer programs were first implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean. This book takes the opportunity to critically review the design options…
Oct 2015
Author(s): Martinez, Sebastian; Pérez, Michelle; Tejerina, Luis
A majority of Salvadorans reach retirement age without a formal pension, resulting in increased financial vulnerability and poverty in old age. In this paper we study the effects of the Universal…
Dec 2010
Author(s): Samaniego, Pablo; Tejerina, Luis
The objective of the document is to asses the level of interaction of the Bono de Desarrollo Humano benficiaries in Quito with the financial sector. Specifically the study tries to understand…
Dec 2010
Author(s): Higinio Maldonado, Jorge; Tejerina, Luis
Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs have become in many countries the largest social program and the framework upon which a social protection network is being built. These programs have more…
Jul 2009
Author(s): Johannsen, Julia; Tejerina, Luis; Glassman, Amanda
A working paper summarizing the experiences of conditional cash transfer programs in Latin America, focusing on their challenges and options to improve them.
Oct 2007
Author(s): Masci, Pietro; Tejerina, Luis; Webb, Ian
This paper provides an initial glimpse into the performance of the insurance industry in the region through the use of a broad diagnostic survey. It also provides some descriptive statistics based on…
Jul 2007
Author(s): Tejerina, Luis; Westley, Glenn D.
This document measures access and use of financial services making use of information from household surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean
Nov 2006
Author(s): Navajas, Sergio; Tejerina, Luis
This working paper is being published with the sole objective of contributing to the debate of a topic of importance to the region, and to elicit comments and suggestions from interested parties.
Sep 2006
Author(s): Bouillon, César P.; Tejerina, Luis
This is the latest version available of "Do We Know What Works": A Systematic Review of Impact Evaluations of Social Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean¿. The document reviews…
May 2006
Author(s): Llisterri, Juan J.; Kantis, Hugo; Angelelli, Pablo; Tejerina, Luis
This paper highlights the importance of youth entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by young entrepreneurs. The authors analyze the…
Apr 2006
Author(s): Bouillon, César P.; Tejerina, Luis
This working paper analyzes the topics that usually arise from systematic reviews of poverty reduction programs programs and initiates a discussion about them. All evaluations included in the review…
Jan 2004
Author(s): Genoni, María Eugenia; Sánchez, Margarita; Saavedra-Chanduví, Jaime; Duryea, Suzanne; Parker, Richard; Aggleton, Peter; Buvinic, Mayra; Massiah, Ernest; Arias, Omar; Ñopo, Hugo R.; Mazza, Jacqueline; Yamada, Gustavo; Oakley, Peter; Atkinson, Tony; Tejerina, Luis; Htun, Mala; Maluwa, Miriam; Thorne, Eva T.; Silver, Hilary; Torero, Máximo; Pacari Vega, Nina; Ocampo, José Antonio; Zoninsein, Jonas; Escobal, Javier; Rincón Gallardo, Gilberto
Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the regions in the world with the greatest ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. This diversity is a major asset that holds the key to achieving lasting…
Sep 2002
Author(s): Arias, Omar; Yamada, Gustavo; Tejerina, Luis
This study combines survey data with annual state data on pupil-teacher ratios covering broadly the period 1940-90 to investigate the role of race, family background and education (both the quantity…