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Mar 2019
Author(s): Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Buenadicha Sánchez, César; Bustelo, Monserrat; Duryea, Suzanne; Heredero, Elena; Rubio-Codina, Marta; Rucci, Graciana; Becerra, Laura
21st Century Skills is an initiative led by the Inter-American Development Bank that aims to gather and organize different stakeholders from public and private sectors in order to equip Latin…
Apr 2017
Author(s): Fiszbein, Ariel; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Araujo, María Caridad
This note, prepared by M. Caridad Araujo, Ariel Fiszbein and Mercedes Mateo Díaz, summarizes the agreements reachedduring a seminar in Washington, DC organized by the Inter-American Dialogue and the…
Sep 2016
Author(s): Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Rodríguez Chamussy, Lourdes
Investments in education across countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have transformed the lives of millions of girls and the prospects of their families and societies. Unleashing the full…
May 2016
Author(s): Bassi, Marina; Blumberg, Rae Lesser; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes
This paper analyzes gender bias in teaching in low-performing schools in Chile. To carry out the analyses, the authors used videotaped classes for fourth graders and coded 237 tapings. Results show a…
May 2015
Author(s): Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Rodríguez Chamussy, Lourdes
This technical note describes the methodological decisions for the estimation of comparable figures of participation rates in formal childcare in Latin America and the Caribbean, through data from…
Oct 2013
Author(s): Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Rodríguez Chamussy, Lourdes
Reliable and affordable non-parental childcare is intimately related to female participation and other outcomes in the labor market given the conflicting demand for women's time on both, work…
Jan 2010
Author(s): Sitja Rubio, Susana; Linares, Ana María; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Meduña, Patricia; Winters, Paul; Toda, Ichiro; Neret, Matilde; Ibarrarán, Pablo; González, Mario; Rodríguez, César; Di Maro, Vincenzo; Díaz, Luis; Cossens, Shakirah; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes
Development Effectiveness Overview 2008-2009 is a tool by which the IDB accounts for the effectiveness of its work. It reports on the progress made in the Development Effectiveness agenda of the Bank.
Jan 2007
Author(s): Ferroni, Marco; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Payne, J. Mark
Intended as a contribution to the discussion of the relevance of social capital and social cohesion to Latin American development, this paper treats the two as assets for development and the creation…
Jan 2006
Author(s): Ferroni, Marco; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Payne, J. Mark
The present document seeks to set forth the IDB's commitment to the objectives contained in the Declaration of Guadalajara and the parallel Memorandum of Understanding, a commitment that has…
Jan 2006
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria; Schneider, Ben Ross; Iacoviello, Mercedes; Scartascini, Carlos; Monaldi, Francisco; Payne, J. Mark; Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia; Stein, Ernesto H.; Echebarría, Koldo; Whitehead, Laurence; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Lora, Eduardo; Filc, Gabriel; Bergara, Mario; Saiegh, Sebastián; Magaldi de Sousa, Mariana; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Mercer-Blackman, Valerie; Pereyra, Andrés; Cárdenas, Mauricio; Tommasi, Mariano; Santiso, Javier; Hughes, Sallie; Zuvanic, Laura; Jones, Mark P.; Clavijo, Laura
This report examines the quality of public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean after more than a decade of political and economic reform. A wide variety of examples and case studies are…