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Jan 2004
Author(s): Genoni, María Eugenia; Sánchez, Margarita; Saavedra-Chanduví, Jaime; Duryea, Suzanne; Parker, Richard; Aggleton, Peter; Buvinic, Mayra; Massiah, Ernest; Arias, Omar; Ñopo, Hugo R.; Mazza, Jacqueline; Yamada, Gustavo; Oakley, Peter; Atkinson, Tony; Tejerina, Luis; Htun, Mala; Maluwa, Miriam; Thorne, Eva T.; Silver, Hilary; Torero, Máximo; Pacari Vega, Nina; Ocampo, José Antonio; Zoninsein, Jonas; Escobal, Javier; Rincón Gallardo, Gilberto
Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the regions in the world with the greatest ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. This diversity is a major asset that holds the key to achieving lasting…
Feb 2003
Author(s): Aggleton, Peter; Parker, Richard; Maluwa, Miriam
This paper focuses on a rather unexplored dimension to date of the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the resulting stigma and discrimination and its impact on the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS programs. It presents a…