Saving for Development: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Save More and Better

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Jun 2016
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Serebrisky, Tomás;Cavallo, Eduardo A.
Why should people--and economies--save? The typical answer usually focuses on the need to protect against future shocks, to smooth consumptionduring hard times, in short, to save for the proverbial rainy day. This book approaches the question from a slightly different angle. While saving to survive the bad times is important, saving to thrive in the good times is what really counts. People must save so they can invest in their own and their children's health and education, live productive fulfilling lives, and end their days in comfort and peace. Firms must save so they can grow productive enterprises that employ more workers in better jobs to produce quality goods for domestic and international markets. Governments must save to build bridges, highways, and airports that support a productive economy, to provide quality services such as education, health, water, and sanitation to their citizens, and to assure their senior citizens a dignified, worry-free retirement. In short, countries must save for a sunny day -a time when everyone can bask in the benefits of growth, prosperity, and well-being.
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