SaniBID Quick Guide: Optimal Sanitation Free Software for the Design of Sewerage Networks

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Nazareth, Pery;
Correia Oliveira Paiva Junior, Ivan;
Porto Nazareth, Leonardo
Oct 2019
This manual contains the basic guidelines for proper use of the SaniBID sewerage design software. SaniBID is integrated with QGIS, which, as an open and free software, is an excellent tool for disseminating knowledge to professionals and students interested in condominial sanitation. Its simplicity allows users to quickly draw collector lines and edit layouts, perform design calculations in project conception and design, and create simulations and look at alternatives to optimize the project. In addition, as a free software, improvements and new features can be added by the user community. It allows a designer to create not only the collector system plans as a product, but also the developed model itself, giving the service provider, or anyone who gets the model, the ability to make adjustments in the project, all integrated in a Geographic Information System