Safe Money: Building Effective Credit Unions in Latin America

Cifuentes, Síncrito;
Poyo, Jeffrey;
Arbuckle, Lee;
Heller, Carlos;
Baker, Christopher;
Vargas Durán, Alejandro;
Adams, Dale W.;
Branch, Brian;
Pabst, Helmut;
O'Donnell, Michael;
Richardson, David C.;
Cuevas, Carlos E.
Jan 2000
Branch, Brian;Westley, Glenn D.
Policymakers in Latin America increasingly are turning to policies that have high economic rates of return and a favorable impact on income distribution. By providing financial services to small businesses and poor households -which normally lack such services- credit unions help secure growth with equity. The challenges faced by Latin America's credit unions today are likely to force them to further modernize and consolidate, fine tune their inherent advantages, improve mechanisms for prudential regulation, and find ways to increase their share of low and middle-income markets. Safe Money presents the new thinking on how credit unions can compete effectively in modern financial markets while still retaining their social mission.