Road Impact Assessment Using Remote Sensing Methodology for Monitoring Land-Use Change in Latin America: Results of Five Case Studies

Jul 2013
The present publication is a summary of the results from the five case studies including an overview of the methodology. VPS/ESG is further examining the possibilities of this methodology to use it for prospective purposes, as the basis for land use management and other potential applications in the development of infrastructure projects. The potential value of the methodology examined is based on being able to take into account the specific conditions of the respective cases, relevant drivers and their strength and the potential enabling effect of a project. This work complements other ex post analyses of infrastructure projects based on project documents, published as IDB Technical Notes titled "Managing the Environmental and Social Impacts of Major IDB-Financed Road Improvement Projects." VPS/ESG will further explore the use in its work of remote sensing and, in addition, study the options of modeling land use and land cover change.