Revelation of Expectations in Latin America (REVELA): No. 4 : August, 2007

Aug 2007
Revelation of Expectations in Latin America (REVELA) is a monthly publication published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Research Department (RES). The data comes from surveys of market participants conducted by Central Banks in Latin America. This document analyzes differences in market expectations for growth and inflation across countries and determines trends over time. This August issue of REVELA reports that expectations for 2007 growth rose in four countries, most significantly in Brazil, where 2007 growth is now expected to be 4.64%, compared to 4.38% last month. Inflation expectations for 2007 increased in most countries surveyed, especially in Bolivia, where they rose from 6.47% to 7.20%. In Chile, inflation expectations continued to rise even after last month's significant increase and are now 4.8%, compared to 4.1% in July.