Revelation of Expectations in Latin America (REVELA): Issue 60: March, 2016

Apr 2016
According to the surveys conducted by Central Banks in the region, 2016 growth expectations decreased by 0.1% and inflation expectations increased by 0.2% in February. At the individual country level, growth expectations rose in three countries, remained constant in one and fell in four. Inflation expectations increased in five countries, remained constant in two and fell in one. Growth expectations for 2016 increased by 0.2% in Paraguay, and by 0.1% both in Guatemala and Peru. They remained constant in Colombia at 3.0% and fell in Brazil by 0.4%, in Chile and Mexico by 0.2% in the two cases and in Uruguay by 0.1%. Inflation expectations for 2016 increased by 0.7% in Colombia, by 0.5% in Brazil, by 0.2% both in Mexico and Paraguay, and by 0.1% in Chile. They remained constant in Guatemala at 3.9% and in Peru at 3.5%, and decreased in Uruguay by 0.2%.