The Republic of Korea's Digital Tools for Fighting COVID-19

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Mar 2024
The Republic of Korea's management of the COVID-19 pandemic showcases an exemplary model through its robust and comprehensive approach, underscored by decisive leadership and a unified governmental strategy using ICT tools. Central to its success was the deployment of the 3T strategy (Testing, Tracing, Treatment) and a four-pillar policy response centered on Openness, Transparency, Civic Engagement, and Innovativeness. The establishment of the Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) in 2004 and the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act paved the way for the pan-governmental COVID-19 response. The use of sophisticated ICT tools played a significant role in the success of Korea's response. The study argues that South Korea's approach, particularly its innovative use of ICT tools, offers valuable lessons for enhancing global emergency preparedness and response systems.