Rental Housing Wanted: Options for Expanding Housing Policy

Webb, Steven;
Del Valle, Julieta;
Pasternak, Suzana;
Brain, Isabel;
Salazar, Clara;
Puebla, Claudia;
Ponce, Gabriela;
Flores, René;
Calderón Cockburn, Julio;
Chiavone, Irene;
Macellaro, Miguel;
Silvera, Adriana;
Kim, Jeongseob
Dec 2014
Fretes Cibils, Vicente;Blanco Blanco, Andrés;Muñoz Miranda, Andrés
This book highlights the importance of renting and its potential to help solve the most pressing housing problems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently, 1 in 5 households in the region rent their homes, a trend which is most prevalent among the fastest-growing segments of the population, such as young people, single-person households and divorced people. This alternative can therefore help satisfy demand preferences and create greater residential mobility. Also, the quality of rented property is often similar to that of formal homes, even for households in the lowest income quintiles, proving it is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for resolving the qualitative and quantitative housing deficits in the region, suggesting that housing policies linked to better planning and improved territorial organization can lead to more dense, compact cities. For these reasons, the rental market may become a key instrument to compliment the region's housing policy.