Regional Review of Economic Instruments for Solid Waste Management in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Regional Situation and Case Studies about the Private Participation in Santiago and Recycling

Fisher, Alvaro;
Arredondo, Mauricio
Feb 2003
The purpose of this document is to present a brief summary of the economic instruments in use for solid waste management in the region and to present two case studies of such use in Chile. These case studies refer to the industrial organization for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste in the city of Santiago and the development of a collection and recycling scheme in the Municipality of La Reina, in Santiago. This document presents, as a frame of reference based on the available bibliography, the main aspects related to the reality of solid waste management in Latin America. On this basis, we comment on the economic instruments that could theoretically be used to improve the usual problems of low coverage, poor service quality, pollution, etc., currently being observed in the region.