Regional Policy Dialog in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities for Water-Based Adaptation to Climate Change: Elements for a Regional Agenda

Arrese Luco, Juan Antonio;
Arroyo, Víctor;
Badillo Ibarra, Isabel;
Ballestero Vargas, Maureen;
Burgues, Irene;
Carro de la Fuente, Adán;
Chabrel, Marie-Violaine;
Lozano Torres, Sergio;
Córdoba, Rocío;
Díaz, Víctor;
Cordero Vejar, Mario;
Fuentes Nava, Estrellita Mireya;
Galan, Roberto;
García Gómez, María Concepción;
Genta, José Luis;
Gutiérrez Gómez, Guillermo;
Hernández Díaz, Josué Isaac;
Hinojosa Aguirre, José María;
Hurtado Aguilar, Carlos Alberto;
Landa, Rosalva;
Loures, Flavia;
Magaña, Víctor;
Manzano Camarillo, Mario;
Martínez Ruiz, José Luis;
Maturano Rodríguez, Carlos;
Medina Laguna, Grisell;
Meza, Jorge;
Mora Portuguez, Jorge;
Mota, Erick;
Murillo Licea, Daniel;
Pagnoccheschi, Bruno;
Rendón, Claudia;
Rendón Pimentel, Luis;
Resendiz, Patricia;
Reyes Gaytán, Jorge Alberto;
Rodríguez, Andrés;
Rodríguez Ramos, Katia Karina;
Rojas, Diana;
Rojas Hernández, Pamela Alejandra;
Rosazza Asin, Eddie;
Sánchez, Juan Carlos;
Sánchez Pérez, Claudia Olivia;
Sánchez Ramos, Yerania;
Seguin, Nathalie;
Siller, Diana;
Soares, Denise;
Soto, Sergio;
Velázquez Holguín, Marco Antonio;
Vendruscolo, Simone;
Zuleta, Javier
Dec 2010
López Pérez, Mario;Gómez, Román;Herron, Colin
This document represents a coordinated effort among several institutions and organizations in the Latin America and the Caribbean region to present the results of a joint reflection on the issue of water-based adaptation to climate change as part of a Regional Policy Dialog process. The main purpose of this Dialog is to communicate to politicians and decision makers -both within the water community and from other public policy areas relevant to the topic- and other actors involved, a series of key messages and recommendations that enable them to define, in an informed manner, public policies and corresponding actions on climate change adaptation. The results of this dialog to date are reflected in this version of the document to be presented on December 3rd as part of the Dialogs for Water and Climate Change (D4WCC), an event associated with the COP16 to be held in Cancun, Mexico.