A Quarter Century of Pension Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

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Crabbe, Carolin A.;
Vidal-Aragón de Olives, Agustín;
Principal Financial Group;
Giral, Juan;
Bolok Portnoy, Isaac Volin;
Taguas Coejo, David;
Pinheiro, Vinicius C.
Jan 2005
Crabbe, Carolin A.
This book focuses on experiences with and lessons learned from the sweeping reforms to the pension systems of Latin America and the Caribbean during the 1990s and early 2000s, which shifted the burden of old-age security from the public to the private sector. The book's main objective is to provide a road map for policymakers in the region and other parts of the world as they contemplate either first or second generation reforms. It is especially useful to countries that have not yet reformed their social security systems, to provide guidance on undertaking the first generation of reforms. In this context, the book provides an invaluable new tool.