Quality Improvement of Health Care in Belize: Focusing on Results

May 2014
Belize is participating in the Salud Mesoamerica 2015 Initiative (SM2015), a regional public-private partnership administered by the Inter-American
Development Bank (IADB) and implemented by the eight Mesoamerican
countries, which utilizes a results-based financing model with external
verification of indicator values. Countries that reach their goals receive a portion of overall funding to apply in the health sector. The Ministry of Health of Belize and IADB have carefully aligned SM2015 country and local level goals through a Quality Innovation Fund (QIF), complemented by technical assistance for collaborative improvement, purchase of inputs and revitalization of the community health platform. Preliminary results from the QIF indicate an increase in coverage and quality of services achieved in as little of six months, through monthly monitoring and small, targeted investments designed by health facility staff. This experience has provided valuable qualitative and quantitative data regarding progress of the program, in addition to important lessons for future operations.