Japan Special Fund and Japanese Trust Fund for Consultancy Services Annual Report 2002

Jun 2003
This Annual Report details the activities of the Japanese Special Fund and the Japanese Trust Fund for Consultancy Services for 2002. The Japan Special Fund (JSF), established in 1988, and Japan Trust Fund for Consultancy Services (JCF), established in 1996, are one of the primary funding sources for technical cooperation projects of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). JSF is a untied fund which provides financing to technical cooperation projects mainly in social sector and environment sector. JSF also includes a special window for projects to deal with poverty reduction activities in Latin America and the Caribbean (JPO). JSF and JCF are making substantial contribution to the Bank in achieving its mission to promote sustainable socioeconomic development of Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2002, the Bank approved 23 JSF projects for a total of US$12.6 million.