2010 InfraScope Index for Latin America and the Caribbean

Nov 2010
This benchmarking index is a learning tool that evaluates the legal, regulatory and operating environments for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in transport, water/sanitation and electricity infrastructure for 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries. The analysis and scores in the model provide a comparable assessment of individual countries' readiness and facility for PPP project design and implementation. For the purpose of this index, PPP refers specifically to projects which involve a long-term contract between a public-sector body and a private-sector entity for the design, construction (or upgrading), operation and maintenance of public infrastructure; with finance usually provided by, and significant construction, operation and maintenance risks transferred to, the private-sector, which also bears either availability or demand risk; but with the public sector remaining responsible for policy oversight and regulation; and the infrastructure generally reverting to public-sector control at the end of the contract term.