Learning in Twenty-First Century Schools: Note 2: School Infrastructure Survey

Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla;
Gutierrez, Mabel;
Guerra, Juan Carlos;
Cantillo, Jose David;
Bayona, Paola;
Meléndez, Augusto;
Rios, Cristian;
Del Toro, Angeli María;
Díaz, Andrés;
Valencia, Jorge
Dec 2014
The process of developing a methodology for the management of education infrastructure in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean began with an analysis and discussion of types of variables, common content, and unified criteria across this group of countries. This produced a definition of school infrastructure as well as implications for managing it in accordance with each country's legislation, plans, and policies. Based on this analysis, it was possible to determine that in each of the educational infrastructure as a key factor in improving the quality of education, and this is reflected in their national policies that explicitly present the need to build, renovate, and maintain the physical plant of the schools.