Patrimonio Hoy: Bringing a Successful Housing Solution to Scale

Jan 2011
Mexico-based multinational cement producer CEMEX has been a pioneer in the business world for over a decade. By launching Patrimonio Hoy (PH),a program through which low-income consumers can access microloans for the purpose of buying construction materials, it became one of the first Latin American companies with business models that engage with the base of the pyramid. In the years since it¿s launch, Patrimonio Hoy has helped 300,000 Mexican families build or improve their homes. CEMEX treats its BOP projects as part of its core business strategy; and the company has established other such programs, such as Mejora tu Calle, an urban infrastructure financing program.
Now, with the support of a partial credit guarantee from the IDB¿s Opportunities for the Majority Initiative, CEMEX will stay on the leading edge of inclusive business by expanding Patrimonio Hoy into an additional five countries, and offering new kinds of loans and products that increase the program¿s flexibility and effectiveness. The program is now on track to reach a total of a total of 750,000 families within the next five years.