Rapid Urbanization and Development: Latin America and China Summit

Dec 2014
The People's Republic of China (China) and countries in Latin America face similar challenges in their cities. Their convergence is a consequence of the speed at which they have become urbanized. Although in China urbanization has occurred later, faster, and more massively than in Latin America, both cases imply a large migration of rural inhabitants to urban areas. In China and Latin America, the move to urban centers has meant significant social and economic improvement for the migrating population. In parallel, there has been a significant increase in the demand for urban services, often beyond the capacity of national and subnational governments. This publication is based on a summit that took place relating to those topics, held in Lima, Peru, in July 2014. It was co-organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ministry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation of Peru, and Inter-American Development Bank.