Follow-up to the Nine Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy of Latin American Countries

Jul 2013
A central feature of the annual Latin American Competition Forum (LACF), organised by the OECD and the IDB, is the peer review of a country's competition law and policy. In this voluntary process, countries submit their competition law and policy for substantive review by their international peers, with the aim of identifying recommendations to strengthen the institutions and improve economic performance. Thus far, nine Latin American countries have been evaluated in this way: Chile in 2003 and 2010, Peru and Mexico1 in 2004, Brazil in 2005 and 2010, Argentina in 2006, El Salvador in 2008, Colombia in 2009, Panama in 2010 and Honduras in 2011. The present report includes an analysis of the peer reviews of the nine countries, it concentrates on two themes: the impact of the authority's work in pro-competitive regulatory reforms, and its case prioritisation and selection criteria. Additionally, the report summarises the questionnaire responses and reflects on the original peer review recommendations, and sets these out in two sections. The first section discusses the thematic conclusions arising from a global analysis of the responses. The second summarises the responses on a country-by-country basis.