Revitalizing Agriculture in Suriname

Boye, Greta;
Ramautarsing, Winston
May 1997
Suriname faces unprecedented challenges in transforming its agricultural sector to a market based system, and it will need to offset the deterioration of the sector resulting from the probable loss of its preferential markets in the next decade. This study seeks to contribute to the understanding of the measures that are necessary to address the constraints on agricultural growth and development. The analysis builds on discussions that took place in May 1996 with government officials, representatives of private sector organizations and international agencies. Based on field work and subsequent analyses, this report offers recommendations on actions needed to sustain and enhance the growth of Surinam¿s existing export products, promote the emergence of promising new products, and strengthen institutions that support both of those activities. The study includes a general introduction and background information on the contribution of agriculture to the economy and the performance of agriculture, the main constraints on the growth and development of the sector, key factors affecting competitiveness, Government¿s plans for development in the area and, finally a strategy for revitalizing the agricultural sector in Suriname. The rationale for revitalizing the agricultural sector is to increase national income ad to foster the economic and social development of Suriname. Since agriculture is a sector of vital importance to the Surinamese economy, it provides a good vehicle for achieving this aim.