Public Financial Management in Latin America: The Key to Efficiency and Transparency

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Pessoa, Mario;
Arosteguiberry, Adriana;
Williams, Mike;
Vargas, José Adrián;
Cavanagh, Joseph;
Chan, James L.;
Rezai, Natalia
Aug 2015
Pimenta, Carlos;Pessoa, Mario
The efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of public financial management in Latin America is critical for the supervision of public resources, fiscal stability, and sustainable economic development. In recent years, the countries of Latin America have embraced reforms in public financial management and have made many important advances; however, many challenges remain. This book brings together the knowledge and experiences of IMF and IDB staff and representatives from 16 governments in the region to document these reforms, and examines the experiences and lessons learned. It is a valuable resource for those looking at issues in public financial management.