Public Expenditure Efficiency in Health Care in Latin America and the Caribbean: Highlights from an IDB Workshop on Public Expenditure Efficiency and Outcomes

Jan 2018
Pessino, Carola;Pinto, Diana M.;Cafagna, Gianluca;Giles Álvarez, Laura;Tolsa Caballero, Nuria
With the aim of guiding the work agenda on improving public health expenditure efficiency in the LAC region, the Inter-American Development Bank held a workshop entitled “Public Expenditure Efficiency and Outcomes: Application to Health, Challenges and Opportunities for Improvements in Latin America and the Caribbean” in March 2016. This document presents key discussions from the workshop, which brought together professionals in public financial management and healthcare. It focuses on understanding and measuring both technical and allocative efficiency, identifying measurable indicators of inputs and outputs under policymakers’ control, and highlighting challenges and opportunities for improvement, as well as potential priority policy areas in Latin America and the Caribbean.