Public Development Banks: Toward a New Paradigm?

Nov 2013
de Olloqui, Fernando
The second publication in the series "Institutions for People" focuses on the public development banks of Latin America and the Caribbean as they enter a new paradigm. In the last 10 to 15 years, these institutions have made considerable progress in the region towards fulfilling their undoubted potential as effective public policy tools. If this trajectory of operational andfinancial improvement can be consolidated, and public development banks can demonstrate their impact on development, they will be well placed to face even more complex challenges, such as climate change and productive development. Throughout its six chapters, this book tackles the theme from an integral perspective, analyzing the institutional aspects needed, and the financial and nonfinancial instruments available, to consolidate the role of public development banks in promoting development with fiscal and
financial responsibility. The approach is structured according to the questions arising from the current situation, which relate to the significance of these institutions within financial systems, the impact evaluations of their performance, and the new challenges and opportunities they
face. In summary, this book is useful for governments and public development banks, as well as for academics and decision makers interested in achieving sustainable financing for both current and future generations in the region.