Proyecto Joven: New Solutions and Some Surprises

Jul 1999
This paper describes Proyecto Joven, a project to train unemployed youth in Argentina and discusses several critical issues facing it. It should not be considered as an authoritative view on this project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank but rather as an attempt to elicit a dialogue with those who know the project better or who are familiar with the theme. Proyecto Joven is an attempt to increase employability and productivity targeting activities to youth aged 16 to 29 in the lower socioeconomic levels. By training unemployed youth and by making them more productive and teaching them the appropriate work ethic and attitudes, the program attempts to improve their chances of getting a job. The report presents a discussion of the program, its socioeconomic environment and an initial examination of critical issues which deserve attention, particularly in light of the government's decision to request a new loan to continue implementing the project.