Promoting Cross-border E-Commerce in the Southern Cone

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Dec 2023
Rodríguez Chatruc, Marisol; Queijo Von Heideken, Virginia; Basco, Ana Inés
E-commerce has boomed around the world, creating new opportunities for firms in the Southern Cone region to reach new customers, diversify their export markets, and grow their sales. E-commerce adoption is also boosting the regions logistics, payments, and financial services providers that service online sellers. Regional governments have also worked to promote e-commerce. This report takes stock of the state of e-commerce in the Southern Cone, leveraging data on e-commerce adoption and transactions; a survey of how firms in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay are using e-commerce and what challenges they face to growing their online sales; and policy data on the regional governments adoption of policies conducive to e-commerce. The report also offers policy recommendations for the region to support firms in growing their cross-border online sales.