The Progressive Housing Program in Chile: 1990-2002

Jul 2004
The present study reviews the recent Chilean experience in the design and execution of the Progressive Housing Program initiated in 1990 and its recent evolution towards the programs: Solidarity Housing Fund (Fondo Solidario de Vivienda) and Dynamic Social House without Debt (Vivienda Social Dinámica sin Deuda). This experience confronts many of the key themes identified in the previous paragraphs and its analysis provides significant lessons for the design

and execution of similar programs in other countries of the region. The study explores the evolution of the Chilean housing policies in support of the progressive construction of housing starting in the 1950s, but concentrating on the experience of the last twelve years of execution of the Progressive Housing Program. Additionally, it analyzes the operative mechanisms used, document quantitative results in terms of numbers of houses supported and the qualitative results comparing the current situation of housing subdivisions and specific homes with the initial solution received from the program.