Productivity, Technology, Innovation in the Caribbean

Compete Caribbean
Jan 2016
PROTEqIN is a comprehensive and internationally comparable firm level dataset covering 14 Caribbean territories. The dataset records firm level behavior related to a variety of aspects such as: sales, supplies, foreign trade and competition, innovation, conflict resolution, crime prevention, business environment and government relations, labour and skills, financing, performance, among others. The dataset uses the World Bank Enterprise Survey methodology. In 2014, Compete Caribbean generated a new round of data by re-issuing the survey, updating the data on enterprises and including additional variables linked to productivity, technology and innovation (PROTEqIN) at the firm level. The LACES and the PROTEqIN surveys share the bulk of the questions. Both datasets together comprise more than 4000 observations. These datasets are complemented by the FINGEN data, which registers finance and gender characteristics at the firm level.