Proceedings of the First Annual Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Public Debt Management Specialists: Río de Janeiro, March 17-19, 2005

Mar 2005
The First Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Public Debt Management Specialists took place in Rio de Janeiro on March 17, 18 and 19, 2005. This Meeting was organized and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (Infrastructure and Financial Markets Division of the Bank's Sustainable Development Department) and the Brazilian National Treasury.

Senior officials from the Debt Management Offices (DMOs) and Central Banks of nineteen LAC countries, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark participated in this meeting, as well as experts from the OECD, IMF, UNCTAD, The World Bank, and the Central American Monetary Council. Staff from different areas of the Inter-American Bank (Regional and Financial Departments) also attended the presentations and discussions during the meeting.

The main objective of this meeting was the consolidation of the general framework to structure and guide the actions of such group of Latin American and Caribbean specialists. The group will foster an approach that will lead to continuous sharing of experiences across countries and privilege technical discussions involving a broad group of debt management analysts that deal with back, middle and front-office issues. The agenda also included the approval of the previously discussed Bylaws and the election of the first Steering Committee composed by: Brazil (President), Colombia (Vice president), Chile, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama. The role of Executive Secretary was designated to the Inter-American Development Bank. The proposal was enthusiastically supported by all the countries' representatives that pledged to immediately start working in the implementation of the group's objectives.