Private Infrastructure: Support from the Inter-American Development Bank Group 1990-2005

Apr 2006
The infrastructure sector has been the recipient of a sustained lending effort by the IDB Group. Since 1994, when the Private Sector Department (PRI) was created, the Bank Group has approved loans and guarantees to 93 private projects in infrastructure, adding up to $3.9 billion. Since the January 2004 edition of this Private Infrastructure report, 14 additional private infrastructure projects were approved for a total IDB Group contribution of $593.4 million (versus $2.2 billion approved for the public sector). This publication provides an overview of the Bank Group's financial and nonfinancial activities in the sector. It describes the types of instruments developed so far, and contains an up-to-date list of funded projects since 1990. Emphasis is placed on providing brief and precise information on the project finance characteristics of individual loans, such as sponsors, borrowers, and debt structure. This report also includes a list of publications, as well as the Bank's operational policies and strategies in the specific sectors.