Preparing teachers to deliver hybrid education: a framework for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Villegas-Reimers, Eleonora;
Pogré, Paula;
Freire, Silvana;
Jul 2023
The shift to remote and hybrid education during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need to revise and improve the education and professional development of teachers. It revealed that teachers often lacked the digital and pedagogical skills to organize and deliver education remotely. Better educational systems and processes begin with better-quality teaching, not only in schools and classrooms, but now remotely and in hybrid form. In Latin America and the Caribbean, a recent survey reveals that half of teachers consider that their single most important training need is pedagogical skills. To seize the opportunity to strengthen the teaching skills of K12 teachers in the region, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and UNESCO are partnering to promote pedagogically driven remote and hybrid education. For that, professional development is key. Based on existing international teacher competency frameworks and drawing on promising global practices, this framework publication presents recommendations for: (i) Initial education programmes to enable new teachers to operate in all modes: face-to-face, remote, and hybrid; and (ii) Short professional development opportunities for in-service teachers to design, plan, implement, and assess lessons in hybrid and remote formats.