Practical Guidebook: Parking and Travel Demand Management Policies in Latin America

Jun 2013
This guidebook is the result of a study carried out in 12 cities across five countries throughout Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) looking at parking and travel demand management (TDM) policies. It serves two main objectives: to present the general findings of the fieldwork carried out in the focus cities, comparing their policies to similar policies implemented in other cities around the world (Europe, Asia, and North America), and to propose recommendations for implementing TDM, specifically, parking policies in Latin American cities looking to reduce traffic congestion, improve economic development, and provide greater benefits to their inhabitants. The guidebook serves to inform various government entities, decision-making stakeholders, and transportation planners who may be considering implementation of TDM measures in their city. This practical guidebook presents the current state of TDM strategies in Latin America, analyzes global experiences, and provides ideas for improving these strategies. It also defines the basic concepts of TDM and presents the current state of measures that have been put into effect throughout the region. Additionally, it includes recommendations for effective implementation of measures to efficiently manage travel demand in a city. The guidebook also includes tools for cities to incentivize automobile drivers to use their cars less and promote shorter trips. Challenges to parking policies and the implementation of effective TDM policies will also be addressed.