Poverty Reduction and the IDB: An Evaluation of the Bank's Strategy and Efforts

Nov 2003
This report (RE-288) presents the evaluation conducted by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight of the poverty reduction efforts carried out by the IDB since the mid 1990's. Its purpose is to provide an account to the Bank's directors regarding the results achieved by the institution in terms of poverty reduction, and an input for reflection and lesson-learning regarding how to improve the effectiveness of its future poverty strategy. This report evaluates through a set of dimensions including: as a "strategy per se" (Chapter II); The 1997 strategy with respect to what the Bank has defined as what a strategy "should be" (Chapter III); The actions undertaken by the Bank in the field (Chapter IV); The delivery and efficiency of delivery of pro-poor projects (Chapter V); The evaluability of these projects (Chapter VI); The implicit model underlying the poverty strategy and the evolution of its key components during the nineties (Chapter VII).