Platform Economy and Employment: What it is Like to Work for an App in Argentina? (Executive Summary)

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May 2019
Digital platforms emerged globally about ten years ago and entailed a major disruption in the world of work. However, they are a relatively recent development in Argentina. Early in 2016 there were five such platforms in operation, all of them domestic capital companies. After that, the flexibilization of the system of payments abroad and other factors accelerated the entry of new platforms and affiliates of foreign companies, which, in turn, fostered the flow of new investments in local platforms that were already installed.

In fact, during the following two years, at least eight new platforms that offer the possibility of income generation were incorporated. However, new forms of work through digital platforms is not included in the governments official statistics and thus remains invisible in other categories: unemployed working persons, freelancers, some non-standard wage-earning employment, and informal workers.

This document is a summarized versión of Economía de plataformas y empleo: ¿cómo es trabajar para una app en Argentina? To see the complete document, please visit (only available in Spanish):