The Pivot Roadmap: From Dreams to Reality

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Khoury, Fares
Jul 2021
Kamau, Musheer O.; Baxter, Sasha; Alcaraz-Irizarry, Claudia; Mentis, Alan
The objective of this report is to present an actionable programme to bring initial moonshot ideas into fully accomplishable projects, ready to be deployed. It comprises three parts. The first part, namely Section 2, provides a background and development avenues for three broad domains of Caribbean economies, namely electric vehicles, digital transformation, and tourism. The second part breaks down the realisation of moonshot ideas into steps using a comprehensive roadmap, which lays out, in sequential point-by-point form, how to steer the coherent long-term deployment of moonshot ideas into concrete actionable projects. Sections 3.1 (From Dreams to Deployment) and 3.2 (Overview of Sequential Tasks by Stakeholder Category) present this in detail. Finally, in the third part, Sections 3.3 and 3.4 define and illustrate the roadmap of moonshot ideas identified during the PIVOT Event. In elaborating these two sections, key emphasis was put on the tasks to be conducted during the preparedness phase (Phase 2 of the roadmap). The conclusion summarizes all dimensions of the roadmap into three illustrations, one for each domain, depicting all nine moonshots from the PIVOT Event.