Perceptive Strokes: Women Artists of Panama

Kupfer, Monica E.;
Mar 2013
The IDB Cultural Center is proud to host this exhibit honoring the Republic of Panama, host country of the IDB Annual Meeting, which will take place from March 14¿20, 2013. The exhibition highlights the history of modern and contemporary art by Panamanian women and will include paintings, photographs, sculptures, and video art from the 1920s to the present. The 22 artworks, selected by Panamanian curator Dr. Monica E. Kupfer, reveal the ways in which a varied group of female artists have experienced and represented significant geopolitical events in the nation¿s history. Their interpretations also show the position of women in Panamanian society, and their views of themselves through their own and others¿ eyes.

Among the artists are: Susana Arias, Beatrix (Trixie) Briceño, Fabiola Buritica, Coqui Calderón, María Raquel Cochez, Donna Conlon, Isabel De Obaldía, Sandra Eleta, Ana Elena Garuz, Teresa Icaza, Iraida Icaza, Amelia Lyons de Alfaro, Lezlie Milson, Rachelle Mozman, Roser Muntañola de Oduber, Amalia Rossi de Jeanine, Olga Sánchez, Olga Sinclair, Victoria Suescum, Amalia Tapia, Alicia Viteri, and Emily Zhukov.