OVE's Review of Project Completion Reports (PCRs) and Expanded Supervision Reports (XSRs): The 2020 Validation Cycle

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Dec 2020
This report summarizes the results of the Office of Evaluation and Oversight's (OVE) annual validation of the self-assessments of project performance and results completed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and IDB Invest in 2019-2020. The IDB and IDB Invest have systems in place to measure the development effectiveness of their operations. These systems use a number of instruments to assess projects at the design, implementation, and completion phases. The design-phase assessment uses a “Development Effectiveness Matrix” (DEM) for sovereign guaranteed (SG) operations. The effectiveness of non-sovereign guaranteed (NSG) operations is measured with a “Development Effectiveness Learning, Tracking, and Assessment tool” (DELTA). Implementation-phase assessments measure SG operations with “Project Monitoring Reports,” while NSG operations are assessed with “Project Supervision Reports.” Upon completion, SG projects are self-evaluated with “Project Completion Reports,” or PCRs. NSG operations, use “Expanded Supervision Reports,” or XSRs when they reach early operation maturity (EOM). OVE validates Managements self-evaluations (PCRs and XSRs) and assigns a final project performance rating to each operation. As part of the 2020 validation cycle, OVE reviewed PCRs for 63 operations, 62 with operational closure (CO fully justified) in 2018 and one in 2013. XSRs were reviewed for 36 IDB Invest operations that had reached early operating maturity (EOM) in 2018.