OVE's Review of Project Completion Reports (PCRs) and Expanded Supervision Reports (XSRs) - 2018/2019 Validation Cycle

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Oct 2019
This report summarizes the results of the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE)'s annual validation of the project performance self-assessments of IDB and IDB Invest. IDB self-evaluates project performance and results for sovereign-guaranteed (SG) operations at project closure through Project Completion Reports (PCRs), while IDB Invest prepares self-evaluations for non-sovereign-guaranteed (NSG) projects in the form of Expanded Supervision Reports (XSRs) when operations reach early operating maturity (EOM). As part of the 2018/2019 validation cycle, OVE reviewed XSRs completed by IDB Invest for 35 NSG operations that reached EOM in 2017, and PCRs completed by IDB for 62 SG projects that closed in 2017 and two that closed in 2016.