OVE's Proposal for Integrating Evaluability Review into the Bank's Quality Control Function

Mar 2011
The objective of this proposal is to achieve a revised set of reliable evaluability standards to be applied to IDB's projects prior to approval. The proposal is based on the premise that the revision of the means by which the IDB ensures minimum evaluability entails changes not only to the evaluability guidelines but also to the IDB's norms that govern the preparation and review of projects. The proposal to integrate the evaluability review into the IDB's quality control function entails: (1) adopting and implementing evaluability guidelines; (2) introducing an Evaluability Assessment Note to be included with the Proposal for Operation Development package; (3) adopting a clear, reliable and meaningful evaluability rating; (4) clarifying the assignment of responsibility in the assessment of evaluability; (5) revising the normative establishing the content of the Proposal for Operation Development; and (6) implementing country-led evaluability in project preparation on an experimental basis.