OVE Guidelines for Implementation of ECG Standards for Private Sector Evaluations

Sep 2005
This document (PS-125) presents the guidelines that will be used by the Private Sector Department (PRI) to prepare its Expanded Project Supervision Report (XPSR). The XPSR will help IDB to comply with the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) Good Practice Standards (GPS) and to initiate a process of improving good practices in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The XPSR builds on the basic monitoring reports already in place - Project Supervision Reports (PSRs) and Project Performance Monitoring Report (PPMRs) - by adding information requirements that are relevant for a self-evaluation document, such as issues relating to achievement of development outcomes, environmental performance, contribution to the country living standards and lessons learned. The XPSR fulfills the function of a Project Completion Report (PCR).